the health benefits of fasting

U.S. study reveals the health benefits of fasting========================

A team of American researchers and Italians out studies on " how to use the fasting in the treatment of certain diseases."Demonstrated that fasting for two days lowers calories , which increases the amount of nerve cells that activate nerves .According to the site , " Arabian Business " has the study revealed that fasting for a long period of up to ten consecutive days with a diet built on vegetables helps arthritis patient to reduce the pain caused by them , as well as the case of diseases own heart , and that the benefits of fasting also appear on patients with high blood pressure , in the case of fasting for 12 days .The study pointed out that fasting the day of each month reduces the danger of suffering from diabetes by 40 % ; where the body produces cholesterol which is used as a source of fat for energy instead of glucose ; making fat cells in the body decreases .Also, the fasting protects against some cancers , which has the same amount of chemotherapy for breast cancer , skin and brain ; Fasting for five days, helping to slow the growth of cancerous tumors .It is noteworthy that the Japanese study was conducted on 380 patients with certain mental illnesses such as depression and a nervous breakdown , and they applied the system of fasting for 110 days have succeeded in getting rid of these symptoms by 87 % .
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