the top 5 fruits rich in dietary fiber

Here are the top 5 fruits rich in dietary fiber to facilitate the process of digestion and keep your digestive system .

1 - Alrasebre

Comes Alrasebre or red berries on the top of the list of high-fiber fruits . Contains per cup of Alrasebre to 8 grams of dietary fiber on average, more than a third body needs daily . It also contains Alrasebre also an essential nutrient for promoting the health of the body as vitamin C, vitamin B complex , manganese , copper , magnesium and iron. As well as containing antioxidants , which helps protect the body against many diseases such as diabetes , cancer , infections and diseases associated with aging .
2 - pear

Pear is a natural laxative , which contains a large content of dietary fiber , particularly fiber insoluble . Medium pear fruit contains more than 5 grams of fiber 0.3 grams of which is soluble . Where she works insoluble fiber to withdraw water from the intestine into the food , to make it more fullness and helps to speed up the movement of the intestine. For these reasons , so eat pears is very useful for the inhibition of appetite, weight loss and treatment of constipation. It is also excellent to adjust level of blood pressure and cholesterol and prevention of infections .
3 - Cranberry

Add a handful of cranberries to the yogurt or authorities , to get massive amounts of dietary fiber and natural nutrients to your diet. Contains one cup of cranberry on 4 grams of dietary fiber, which is more than a quarter of the needs of the body of vitamin C, K, and manganese . The Cranberries anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent against cancer . It also contains the Filawoonool , and antioxidants , which help reduce cholesterol levels , fight infection and prevent the growth of tumors .
4 - Grapefruit

Grapefruit from foods that help to control appetite. It also helps to promote metabolism , especially for fat burning . Besides , it contains a vast amount of vitamin C, folic acid , lycopene , a nutrient effective to reduce cholesterol levels and stress , is also working to delay the effects of aging and prevention of bacterial and fungal infection .
5 - Peach

The amount of dietary fiber in the Peach vary depending on the method addressed . Do not contain fruit fresh peaches on more than 2 grams of fiber . But cooking with peaches , it helps to extract additional amounts of dietary fiber up to 8 grams per cup of cooked peaches . Peach , thereby acting as an effective treatment for constipation and gastrointestinal disorders .

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