the benefit of eggplant

the benefit of eggplant 

If you are like eggplant and this is good if you're someone who does not love him Identifying the health benefits may motivate you to love eggplant or at least addressing the benefits. And you will learn about the benefits of eggplant together in this article.
1 - iron, calcium and other minerals in the eggplant is important for the health of the body with the wonderful taste of the eggplant , which fit in all the recipes .
2 - eggplant contains a chemical plant nutrients improves blood circulation and nourish the brain , most of these substances exist in the crust of the eggplant so preferably eaten and cooked in shell to get the maximum benefit from it.
3 - eggplant contains a fiber that govern the operation of the digestive system and there is a study confirms that the eggplant protects against the risk of colon cancer .
4 - Eggplant few calories and contains no fat , gives a feeling of satiety for a long time , does not cause weight gain and does not cause high blood sugar .
5 - eggplant used for centuries in the treatment of diabetes , and recent studies have confirmed this because eggplant contain little fiber and carbohydrates .
6 - eggplant has a role in protecting the heart because it reduces cholesterol in the blood , eat eggplant is useful for patients with heart condition or non- fat prepared by frying in oil.
7 - eggplant contains a chemical plant materials regulate blood pressure and prevent injury, nervous tension .
8 - eating eggplant regularly maintains the fluidity of blood and prevents the risk of blood clots and the eggplant to contain vitamin K , which prevents blood clots .

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