Benefits and uses of pomegranate and harms

Benefits and uses of pomegranate and harms

Benefits and uses of pomegranate and harms

*** Benefits of pomegranate are many, including:
1 - good for the heart arteries
2 handles diarrhea
3 is very useful for the digestion of food, especially after the cuisine fatty
4 - strengthens the stomach and anthelmintic intestinal
5 - useful for diabetics
6 - for people with arthritis
7 - for people with cancer,
8 - to treat headaches 9 - for people with visually impaired
10 - to anemic
11 - pomegranate juice for the prevention of kidney stones
12 - pomegranate juice for processing food when cooking instead of lemon as well as added to the authorities

*** benefits of pomegranate peel:
1 - If boiling pomegranate peel and rinse it forces the gums
2 - If boiling pomegranate peel and drinking was useful in cases of diarrhea
3 - According to the boiling it in cases of dysentery, acute
4 - If taking pomegranate peel powder and grind until it becomes smooth and knead honey and bandaged by the lower abdomen and chest benefit of hemoptysis
5 - If Astnjy Bamola him to spare the blood bleeding from hemorrhoids
6 - If drinking boiled pomegranate peel lemon cut phlegm stomach
7 - goes raised smallpox if burned and mixing honey and plating it raised consecutive days
8 - pomegranate peel is useful for Harahit be dried and crushed and the addition of water to him and added to henna or without
*** benefits of juice Pomegranates:
According to recent medical research that pomegranate juice is useful and healthy for the human heart
. The research has shown that eating a cup of pomegranate juice a day can hinder or even prevent the factors that lead to heart attacks. researchers used in the experiments they conducted on pomegranate juice mice developed by engineering genetic scalable injury thrombosis of the arteries, as it has been divided mice into two groups, irrigate first Water and second pomegranate juice. According indicated by the results of the study, the group of mice that consumed pomegranate juice developed infection thrombosis of the arteries by less 54 percent for a group of mice that were not given pomegranate juice. Researchers say the man who drank half a cup at least of pomegranate juice in Today reduces the likelihood of injury thrombosis arteries or heart disease. It is worth mentioning that the centers everywhere in the world is doing experiments on natural food and learn about the benefits that accrue to human if ingested regularly or from time to time. has revealed a number of research the role of materials Named (Vljevinuedat) on the body, and it works as anti-oxidant strong within the body, he began to search for these substances in the food, it was a series of research that confirms its presence in a number of plants and flowers, and in particular tea a number of good research in this aspect. New Day Turn the pomegranate, and found it full of vehicles to prevent oxidation of these, was found to be effective well to prevent the oxidation of fats plasma (which is believed to be the causes of hardening of the arteries) study was published Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the study was conducted on healthy people and in experimental animals, where they were given healthy pomegranate juice for two weeks and 14 weeks the animals. In order to determine the effect of pomegranate juice on oxidation of lipoproteins and their accumulation, and hardening of the arteries when healthy or infected animals atherosclerosis. Results found that pomegranate juice works to minimize the accumulation of lipoproteins and oxidized harmful to the body when healthy donors. It also leads to reduce the size of the problem of atherosclerosis in mice, and the outcome of the study concluded that the effect of pomegranate juice a strong antidote to the hardening of the arteries when the healthy people, as well as in animals infected with atherosclerosis. This effect is due mainly to the presence of antioxidants in pomegranate

*** uses pharmacokinetics of pomegranate:
Use pomegranate treatment since ancient times, since the days of the Pharaohs, and it uses external and internal. ** uses internal: If boiled peel the roots of pomegranate by 50 to 60 grams in a liter of water for a quarter of an hour and a drink of boiling cup every morning dropped Tapeworm. cases of high fever and chronic diarrhea and amoebic dysentery, headache, weakness considering .. uses pomegranate juice at a rate of two cups per day. to expel intestinal worms, especially tapeworms and treatment of hemorrhoids uses drenched pomegranate peel at a rate of half a cup Every half an hour, and advised in some cases the use of laxative drink with the drink. pomegranate seeds active nerves and eliminate cases of fatigue, and drops them in the nose mixed with honey is excellent medicine for many of the troubles of the nose. And pomegranate juice mixed with a little sugar treats cases of constipation and attendance to eat pomegranate purifies the blood and resist indigestion. uses pomegranate acid ate the best cure for dysentery amoebic accompanied by blood, where eaten the pomegranate full Bakecrha and blubber and seeds. uses pomegranate juice mixed with some peel the fruit as a remedy against vomiting and drops to the mother of the eye. uses outside:
** using pomegranate externally for many things, including: to treat gingivitis and Tegrahadtha uses boiled flowers pomegranate Kgergerh and rinse three times a day. castor powder flowers pomegranate after drying good treatment for wounds rotting also strengthens teeth animated rubbing the teeth it also prevents severe bleeding, and the use of Mesfova benefit from sores intestine and runny uterus and Nzvh. for the treatment of colds and runny nose uses drenched pomegranates in the nose at a rate of three drops three times a day. to increase the installed hair added boiled peel pomegranates to henna in order to install the color and prosperity of the coloring process. said Ibn Sina The rods pomegranate wonderful to expel vermin, as well as smoke tree. It was said that some of the birds made ​​nest of wood pomegranate no overtures vermin. Despite this Alfoid large pomegranate, however, there are cases should caution them of the pomegranate,,,,

*** Warning pomegranate:

these caveats and things important to anyone who uses cosmetics pomegranate (not the fruit) but peels, leg and flowers:
* should not be used peel the fruit of the pomegranate peel root pomegranate or leg pomegranate as well as the flowers in the event that the woman is pregnant or planning a pregnancy.
* If anyone has a chronic disease in the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach, intestines and colon must not use the peel fruit pomegranate or peel the root or stem or flowers.
* If you are making abusing laxatives or aspirin or recipes own cough or cold, antacids, vitamins or minerals or amino acids, you should not use peel the fruit of the pomegranate.
* Do not give children under the age of any of the herbal preparations . peel the root of the pomegranate contain toxic substances and therefore should not use the rinds only after consulting your doctor or a specialist to determine the doses.
* There are a limited class of people are sensitive to cosmetics pomegranate If Osabk severe diarrhea and you use any of the products pomegranate Voagaf use.
* also infected some individuals in something few specific cases of nausea or dizziness or weakness when using cosmetics pomegranate If I felt dizzy with nausea Voagaf treatment and contact your doctor immediately.

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