Benefits of curd

Benefits of curd

Scientific studies confirm that the curd contributes to the regeneration lasting and dynamic fixed and the beauty of appearance and safety devices of diseases. Contain curd on the most important vitamins and lipid which are easy to digest. Knows yogurt made ​​from milk by adding yogurt or yeast lactic elected "milk curd," which is known as the "yoghurt" in the Turkish language for milk curd many benefits:
- Helps in systems thinness
- disinfectant of the stomach and intestines and prevents infections where
- destroys germs many within the digestive system
- prevents infection intestinal gases
- helps digestion
- resist poisoning
- According to the injured kidney disease and liver
- benefit patients with atherosclerosis
- a diuretic
- sends activity and strength in the body
- resists gravel
- laxative
- calms nerves
- fight insomnia
- softens the skin and makes it an attractive and bright
- eliminates odors in the mouth

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