the magic drink to get rid of fat

the magic drink to get rid of fat

We have confirmed that most of the research conducted to Ginger sits on the list of adjuvants and the scorching of fat, as indicated by nutritionist and health amel Ansari that ginger is one of the most important materials that help and deserved to burn fat formed in the human body when consumed, especially after a meal directly.
Preferably blending material with cinnamon ginger to give better results when you burn fat better after meals .. well he can mix and blend ginger by mixing  sticks cinnamon or ginger in when blending a small amount of cinnamon powder with a solution of fresh ginger .. And hold snapped this mixture can be mixed with semi ensure burn fat easily immediately after eating. So with the passage of time will be burning fat that is stored in our body, and thus the body begins to gradually lose weight naturally without complications.
 Method syrup with cinnamon ginger:

- One teaspoon ginger, crushed.
- 2 tsp ground cinnamon.
 - White honey for dessert.
 - sliced ​​lemon.
 Dissolve cinnamon in a cup of water and put on the fire until it is boiling add the ginger and continue stirring and lifted from the fire and pour in a cup and sweetened with honey and add to it some lemon slices.

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