Secrets you do not know about castor oil

Secrets do not know about castor oil

Castor ((in English: Castor oil plant)) and whose scientific name (in Latin: Ricinus communis) are the seeds and leaves of castor plant which is very toxic. Plant tree follows the family Alfrbionah, leaves with five lobes in the form of palm and fruit contain tonsil painting engulfed in and out of Famous oil, castor seed and contains about 50% by weight Zeta, and this oil is used medically. Oil is non-toxic and attend the seeds that contain the ricin toxic and insoluble in water and does not dissolve in oil.
Castor oil and lemon juice
to the smoothness of castor oil and lemon juice to the smoothness of the legs: to lubricate the skin legs used castor oil and juice lemon to paint the soles and the bottom of the legs and Continue in Massage for a period ranging between 5-10 minutes. But hardness nails Grease your nails every evening before going to sleep with a layer of castor oil
to remove the black spots
used castor oil to massage the black spots in the body and are advised to massage the spot three times a day over 15 days
 castor oil useful and nourishing the hair
and helps to prolong the hair and use it on a daily basis of eyelashes increase the intensity.
castor oil to refine and polish the lips
 1 teaspoon castor oil.
9 teaspoons lanolin.
Preparation and Use:
Mix ingredients well, and kept in a bottle ... use a small amount of the mixture in the paint lips. care Balrmosh: Use castor oil in the paint eyelashes on a daily basis every evening where he works to increase the thickness and length of eyelashes

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