Benefits of Orange

Benefits of Orange

Benefits of Orange:

Benefits of Orange
1 - filtering the blood and kills the worm syrup and wholesome .
2 - orange juice removes fever and kill it, and helps to drop the temperature as a result of fever .
3 - expels phlegm , and is useful for cleaning the pharynx and larynx.
4 - diuretic and cleanser of the college and the bladder.
5 - laxative and removes waste the stomach and intestines and cleans .
6 - orange helps heal wounds and cure skin diseases and is useful for high blood pressure .
7 - strengthens the stomach and strengthens teeth and removes some of periodontal disease in the mouth and heartbreaking gravel and sand Ivebha and expelled from the body.
8 - orange juice and tonic and appetizing , especially to those who complain of anemia .
9 - strengthens the nerves , heart, hypnotic and soothing and comfortable for the brain .
10 - Orange strengthens bones and nails , hair and teeth and reduces the proportion of fat ( cholesterol ) .
11 - regulates the respiratory system of the teeth .
12 - Anti- against cough and influenza.
13 - oranges helps to expel gases .
14 - Orange regulating the work of the muscles and the veins increases calcium .
15 - against venereal disease and syphilis and some venereal diseases .
16 - useful for skin diseases and scabies .
17 - useful for tumors of the uterus , ovary and urinary tract and prostate .
18 - useful for situations retching ( vomiting ) .
19 - Orange good for curing tumors arthritis , gout and romatisme and hardening of the arteries .
20 - helps to eliminate the effects of poisoning as a result of the use of chemical drugs .
21 - strengthens the nervous system and the digestive system and is useful in the treatment of tumors of the seat and hemorrhoids .
22 - prevent a lot of cancers .
23 - Orange juice beneficial for diseases of typhoid .
24 - useful for people with a bad cold and the flu .
25 - oranges factor is useful to eliminate some of candidacies to the reproductive system in women and juice handy and compensates for the mother's milk .
26 - a useful and wholesome and perfumed with power.
27 - oranges good medicine and is useful to remove the gums and mouth sores .
28 - benefit of the use of orange peel over the burning of coal in terms of protractors covers the smell of orange peel smell of pure coal .
Benefits of Orange

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