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get shiny and beautiful thanks to proper nutrition

get shiny and beautiful thanks to proper nutrition

 get shiny and beautiful thanks to proper nutrition

healthy eating

A young and attractive always ! It's every woman's dream . With the advent of the first line of the wrinkles on her face , you realize how important it is to take care of their health and appearance . Here, age does not matter at all, it is important only to emerge is the best of a suit and the sweetest views , whatever the cost . Eternal youth is the real inner beauty , which is reflected on the outer beauty , if you take care of yourself from the inside , you'll automatically Tatnin your beauty outside . And soon notice View Gorgeous increasingly brighter , the eyes sparkle . Only Enjoy eating all the nutrients needed through a varied diet , eating liquids such as water and fresh juices that moisturizes your skin and keeps Ndautea and smoothness , also keeps the sheen of your hair and vitality , and of course the power of the nails. It is well known , that these simple things are the most important details of a woman's beauty .

List below , simplified and easy to schedule , shows you the types of minerals and vitamins that are reflected on the benefits of skin health and beauty in general :

Nutrient food sources aesthetic benefits
Zinc Zinc helps to gloss hair meat , eggs , seafood , liver , milk , wheat
Essential fatty acids maintain healthy hair and skin freshness . Reservation membrane cells and saves the skin from the harmful effects of the sun healthy oily fish ( salmon , sardines ), flaxseed and walnuts
Biotin helps manufacturing and the growth of cells, nails , skin , and hair. Protects hair from precipitation cooked eggs , meat , nuts , meat and liver
Protein contributes to building the body's cells , giving the hair every health milk and dairy products , meat , and legumes
Iron protects hair from precipitation and makes the skin Tfm health and freshness red meat , spinach , lentils
Anti- Taxdwitamenato C, A, E, selenium protects the skin from harmful environmental factors , nourish the skin and fights aging found in many sources are listed below
Vitamin C is responsible for collagen production and protect the skin from cracking and Alkhlayamn external damage sour fruit , strawberries , papaya , mango , tomato , green leafy vegetables , peppers , broccoli
Vitamin A plays a role in anti- oxidation , growth and renewal of the cells of the body ( skin and hair) Beef liver , fish oils , eggs , milk fortified with vitamin A carrots , broccoli , spinach , red and yellow peppers , apricots , mango .
Vitamin E protects cell membranes and protect it from environmental factors and aging vegetable oils , peanut butter , fortified breakfast cereals , whole-grain products , seeds, nuts (especially almonds and hazelnuts )
Selenium improves skin elasticity and reduces the harmful effects of the sun's rays nuts , tuna , meat , seafood , and products from whole-wheat grains ( such as bread and brown bread , bran ) .
Lycopene Lycopene is characterized by being one of the articles of the anti -oxidants cells tomatoes , pink grapefruit , guava , melon , papaya , watermelon, apricots

Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants ( vitamins E, C and A and selenium metal ) that will help in the fight against environmental factors , stress , and aging .
Good advice:

To revive the beauty , you and characteristic of the nutritionist for you

Blend fruit rich in all the elements of nutrition believe you need vitamins C, E, A and beta -carotene island Beta Carotene, mineral acids, selenium and omega - 3 fatty acids.

Put the following contents in a blender and blend Enjoy healthy fruit with a friend :
• two piece of cold lemon , peeled and sliced
• half a grain of cold mango , cut into small pieces
• ½ cup of frozen unsweetened strawberries , sliced
• medium-sized piece of fresh carrots , peeled and grated
• ½ cup of skim milk and a good radiator • tablespoons oats
• tablespoons ground flaxseed
• a tablespoon of lemon juice
• teaspoon honey

The real secret is no secret at all , but is that good nutrition is containing all the vibrant cuisines with vitamins and minerals that meet the needs of your skin daily food . In order to keep you trim and your youth and freshness to your skin and your body , Make the sport movement and permanent part of your daily activities .

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