Benefits of strawberries

Benefits of strawberries

1 - natural teeth whitener

Strawberries contain the organic acids work to whiten teeth by removing lime accumulated around when ingested , can be used instead of industrial and Candida , which is made up of chemicals that do more harm than good , unlike strawberries , which works to strengthen the gums and mouth infections treated .

2 - anti-oxidant

Strawberry consists of a large number of elements of anti- oxidant , and the one who makes the fruit most useful for the prevention of serious diseases , the most important disease, cancer, and heart disease , also resist the signs of aging.

3 - strengthen bones

Many food items are available in strawberry , such as magnesium , potassium , manganese and helps to strengthen bones , and contribute to the formation of building super powers , especially for children.

4 - useful for diabetics

Strawberries contain a ( 5 % sugar ) , a small percentage of fruit makes it ideal for diabetics , also rich in strawberries ( Alkirsatin ) , which are resistant to the symptoms of diabetes , is the most important injury of the retina, and kidney injury .

5 - promotes eye health

Of the most important benefits of strawberries is to prevent injury to human disease, cataracts , and also help to protect the eye from UV exposure to sunlight directly where the works of vitamin C , which contain him strawberries to protect the eye from harmful rays is also working to strengthen the cornea and retina and Tqoathma .

6 - Anti-Wrinkle

The richness of strawberry vitamin C makes them rich material ( collagen ) , which loses the skin gradually with age , it helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and maintain the youth and freshness of the skin .

7 - to protect the kidneys

Strawberries good for Paul diuretic so it helps a cup of strawberry juice on the protection of the kidney stones .

8 - Treatment of diarrhea

Treated material ( tannin found in strawberries cases of diarrhea because it is a holding material , and the material substance Alkirsatin effective anti -virus software , which is considered the main cause for the occurrence of diarrhea .

9 - regulate blood pressure

Potassium helps available in strawberries to control blood pressure , it is an ideal treatment to reduce high blood pressure as it is the most famous fruit benefit for heart health .

10 - useful in systems Splenda

Few calories kinetic located in strawberry fruit makes it one of the most used systems in the diet because they help maintain a healthy weight and ideal 
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