Recipes and drinks to remove the inactivity and laziness

Recipes and drinks to remove the inactivity and laziness

1 - milk :

Drink a glass of milk in the morning and can sweeten with honey .

2 - Lemon:

3 lemons cut and then boiled in water and shown natural honey and drink it warm cup a day.

3 - orange peel :

Taken orange peels and dry milled at a rate of two tablespoons per cup of water , bring to boil and then cool down and drink .

4 - natural pineapple juice .

5 - natural orange juice .

6 - tangerine juice ( Tangerines )

There are also some foods that benefit

All of us come to him at some moments feeling of laziness and lethargy and inactivity , if it happened tried eating some of these foods that help the body to restore energy and vitality

First: dark chocolate

This chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa and be free of milk and are also rich in iron and magnesium which help to fight fatigue and exhaustion .

Second bananas

Is one of the most rich fruits Erbojedat so he prepares the body and a strong dose of energy released very slowly from feeling tired .

Third: sardine

Is one of the iron-rich foods , which thus provides energy , which also contains a high level of omega fats that are considered essential fats for the functioning of the brain , which also helps to improve mood.

Fourth: Sesame

Is one of the foods rich in magnesium , which is a necessary element to release energy in all cells of the body , so the oldest advice to eat a handful of sesame seeds every day to supply the body with energy , especially women, because their bodies lack the presence of magnesium element as required.

Fifth: whole grains (not shelled )

Bread -rich grains and seeds helps to release energy , but less quickly than other types but is considered an important element to provide the body with energy when feeling sleepy during the day.

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