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Foods That Help Against High Cholesterol

Foods That Help Against High Cholestrol

Foods That Help Against High Cholesterol

Almonds play a role in helping to lower cholesterol. Properties in almond skins protect against LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and may reduce the risk of heart disease. The fiber structure of almonds may also prevent weight gain . Try eating a handful of almonds a day .

Avocados have also been shown to reduce the production of LDL - the bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol which have slightly raised cholesterol. Avocados may also offer protection against breast cancer , heart disease and stroke and help digestion .

Beans and lentils have been shown to lower levels of bad cholesterol dramatically when consumed as part of a low fat diet. They are also rich in nutrients and preventive properties that help fight aging and diabetes. Try adding beans and lentils to salads, soups or stews.

Beans and lentils

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