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Stay away from those foods are causing serious damage to the kidneys

Stay away from those foods are causing serious damage to the kidneys

Is the total of the members are very important in the body that plays a major role; they are located below the rib cage on both sides of the spine, which is the size of a fist. , and according to the institutions of the national health, the overall filtering more than 200 a quart of blood every day, and feltr about forty gallons of waste products (waste) in the body to come out of the body in the form Paul.
 To maintain the safety and health of your kidneys, you get rid of toxins in your body and remove waste from it. Unfortunately detrimental to many foods and Pklitik was against working properly ..
Here are some of those foods harmful to try to avoid or reduce the quantity of
 meat -rich diets significantly protein animal can lead to serious damage to the kidneys, according to Mayo Clinic, Valojbat rich dramatically protein animal may cause big problems to kidney because the metabolism of proteins is developing carry a heavy load on the kidneys, making it difficult to exclude the waste products and waste.
At the 2003 study in the European Journal of Nutrition that diets rich in protein animal that can increase the risk of formation of kidney stones from uric acid, while reducing meals rich in vegetables of uric acid and prevent gallstone formation.
 considered uric acid from the most common causes are gallstones kidney, which is a byproduct of eating foods rich in Balbaorinat such as meat, seafood and fish, and can those foods also cause the formation of other types rumor of vesicles aggregate, vesicles calcium oxalate, because they increase the amount of calcium that is excreted in the urine .. How?.
leave the metabolism of proteins of animal remnants of acid in the body because the body prefers the situation alkaline, it pulls calcium and minerals other bones of the body in order to return the body to the situation alkaline, so can the calcium to be vesicles calcium oxalate in total. instead , Try to eat meals rich in various vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and you'll get all the protein needed by the body.
 salt your body needs a little sodium to keep the proper balance of fluids, but you can get the right amount by eating fruits and vegetables.
 been the use of a large amount of salt during the cooking of certain foods to improve the taste, and the most common type used salt is table salt.
When you eat a large amount of salt, respond to your college so by retaining water in order to compile those electricity (those dissolved electrolyte) into the bloodstream to maintain cardio work properly, and this puts a heavy burden on the kidneys.
according to a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, the absorption of a large amount of salt in the long term could be detrimental to kidney, heart and aorta, and may cause absorption of salt in raising blood pressure, which can be that cause damage to the nephrons kidney, which is responsible for filtering waste. if you want to add salt to food Vodafa only a handful of sea salt Celtic or Himalayan.
foods genetically improved contain a large proportion of foods that Nthoha components improved, including corn, rice, sugar cane, sugar beet and canola.
 considered seed genetically modified for several reasons, including increased resistance to pests, and to make the plant immune to pesticides, or to improve crop yields.
 considered company Monsanto and one of the largest makers of genetically modified seeds. In 2009, a study mammals on the three types of corn genetically engineered by Monsanto, study has shown negative effects on kidney function and liver of rats, have researchers concluded that the three tests that have been work created a state of hepatotoxicity (liver and kidney).
Unfortunately, the number of research that have been working to figure out long-term impact of the modified crops Genetically Ali rights are few in number and studies are poor at this time; because the food is genetically modified become a regular part of Western diets since 1995, when it introduced the Monsanto soybean seed GM, which was immune to herbicides.
 because we can not know the long-term impact of these products may We avoided the foundation. Look for organic products (Organic) and avoid sources of the components of the GM such as prepared foods and processed.
artificial sweeteners Many people believe they are doing something healthy for their bodies when their consumption of Artificial Sweeteners; Because these components are free of calories and when the search researchers about the impact of sweeteners artificial kidney function and found an increased chance of reduced kidney function with the absorption of two of diet soda during the day.
 carbonated beverages , soft drinks, such as soda (with artificial sweeteners or without) and energy drinks are linked composition of vesicles at the total, has explained the study, it has been shown that drinking two or More than cola during the day associated with an increased risk of kidney disease chronic. Instead, eat water with lemon organic.
dairy problem with dairy products similar to the problem of animal proteins, in fact, one study showed that the consumption of dairy products increases the excretion of calcium in the urine, which has been linked strongly increase the chance formation of vesicles in total. According to the Organization of children's health, the reducing dairy products can help people with kidney failure and kidney disease, they make the filtering process easier on the kidneys, and delayed the need for dialysis. instead of using dairy products, try Almond milk is local.
 caffeine found in coffee, tea, soda, and foods that can strain the kidneys; Because caffeine tonic it activates blood flow, increases blood pressure and stress of the whole. study has shown in 2002 that the consumption of caffeine in the long term lead to the aggravation of failure Chronic kidney of mice infected with obesity and diabetes, has been linked to the consumption of caffeine in the overall composition of the vesicles by increasing the excretion of calcium in the urine.



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