Orange-Glazed Carrots

Orange-Glazed Carrots

Total Time : 35 min

  Prep : 10 min

 Cook : 25 min

Yield : 4servings
Level : Easy

Rich in vitamins C and A, this organic process powerhouse does not taste sort of a diet dish. The carrots absorb and become glazed with the buttery juice and dill adds a shocking recent note at the top. Ingredients

one pound carrots
one cup fresh orange juice
one tablespoon tasteless butter
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
one tablespoon picked fresh dill leaves


Cut a 1-inch chunk off one finish of a carrot at AN angle. Roll the carrot 1 / 4 flip ANd cut another 1-inch chunk at an angle. Continue rolling and cutting all of the carrots into 1-inch chunks. mix the carrots and fruit juice in a very massive pan. Add enough water to only cowl the carrots. Add the butter and 1/4 teaspoon every salt and pepper.
wake a boil, then scale back the warmth to take care of a gentle simmer. Cook, stirring sometimes, till the carrots square measure tender and also the liquid has reduced to a glaze, concerning twenty minutes. prime with the dill and serve.
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