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Benefits and uses of pomegranate and harms

Benefits and uses of pomegranate and harms

*** Benefits of pomegranate are many, including:
1 - good for the heart arteries
2 handles diarrhea
3 is very useful for the digestion of food, especially after the cuisine fatty
4 - strengthens the stomach and anthelmintic intestinal
5 - useful for diabetics
6 - for people with arthritis
7 - for people with cancer,
8 - to treat headaches 9 - for people with visually impaired
10 - to anemic
11 - pomegranate juice for the prevention of kidney stones
12 - pomegranate juice for processing food when cooking instead of lemon as well as added to the authorities

*** benefits of pomegranate peel:
1 - If boiling pomegranate peel and rinse it forces the gums
2 - If boiling pomegranate peel and drinking was useful in cases of diarrhea
3 - According to the boiling it in cases of dysentery, acute
4 - If taking pomegranate peel powder and grind until it becomes smooth and knead honey and bandaged by the lower abdomen and chest benefit of hemoptysis
5 - If Astnjy Bamola him to spare the blood bleeding from hemorrhoids
6 - If drinking boiled pomegranate peel lemon cut phlegm stomach
7 - goes raised smallpox if burned and mixing honey and plating it raised consecutive days
8 - pomegranate peel is useful for Harahit be dried and crushed and the addition of water to him and added to henna or without
*** benefits of juice Pomegranates:
According to recent medical research that pomegranate juice is useful and healthy for the human heart
. The research has shown that eating a cup of pomegranate juice a day can hinder or even prevent the factors that lead to heart attacks. researchers used in the experiments they conducted on pomegranate juice mice developed by engineering genetic scalable injury thrombosis of the arteries, as it has been divided mice into two groups, irrigate first Water and second pomegranate juice. According indicated by the results of the study, the group of mice that consumed pomegranate juice developed infection thrombosis of the arteries by less 54 percent for a group of mice that were not given pomegranate juice. Researchers say the man who drank half a cup at least of pomegranate juice in Today reduces the likelihood of injury thrombosis arteries or heart disease. It is worth mentioning that the centers everywhere in the world is doing experiments on natural food and learn about the benefits that accrue to human if ingested regularly or from time to time. has revealed a number of research the role of materials Named (Vljevinuedat) on the body, and it works as anti-oxidant strong within the body, he began to search for these substances in the food, it was a series of research that confirms its presence in a number of plants and flowers, and in particular tea a number of good research in this aspect. New Day Turn the pomegranate, and found it full of vehicles to prevent oxidation of these, was found to be effective well to prevent the oxidation of fats plasma (which is believed to be the causes of hardening of the arteries) study was published Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the study was conducted on healthy people and in experimental animals, where they were given healthy pomegranate juice for two weeks and 14 weeks the animals. In order to determine the effect of pomegranate juice on oxidation of lipoproteins and their accumulation, and hardening of the arteries when healthy or infected animals atherosclerosis. Results found that pomegranate juice works to minimize the accumulation of lipoproteins and oxidized harmful to the body when healthy donors. It also leads to reduce the size of the problem of atherosclerosis in mice, and the outcome of the study concluded that the effect of pomegranate juice a strong antidote to the hardening of the arteries when the healthy people, as well as in animals infected with atherosclerosis. This effect is due mainly to the presence of antioxidants in pomegranate

*** uses pharmacokinetics of pomegranate:
Use pomegranate treatment since ancient times, since the days of the Pharaohs, and it uses external and internal. ** uses internal: If boiled peel the roots of pomegranate by 50 to 60 grams in a liter of water for a quarter of an hour and a drink of boiling cup every morning dropped Tapeworm. cases of high fever and chronic diarrhea and amoebic dysentery, headache, weakness considering .. uses pomegranate juice at a rate of two cups per day. to expel intestinal worms, especially tapeworms and treatment of hemorrhoids uses drenched pomegranate peel at a rate of half a cup Every half an hour, and advised in some cases the use of laxative drink with the drink. pomegranate seeds active nerves and eliminate cases of fatigue, and drops them in the nose mixed with honey is excellent medicine for many of the troubles of the nose. And pomegranate juice mixed with a little sugar treats cases of constipation and attendance to eat pomegranate purifies the blood and resist indigestion. uses pomegranate acid ate the best cure for dysentery amoebic accompanied by blood, where eaten the pomegranate full Bakecrha and blubber and seeds. uses pomegranate juice mixed with some peel the fruit as a remedy against vomiting and drops to the mother of the eye. uses outside:
** using pomegranate externally for many things, including: to treat gingivitis and Tegrahadtha uses boiled flowers pomegranate Kgergerh and rinse three times a day. castor powder flowers pomegranate after drying good treatment for wounds rotting also strengthens teeth animated rubbing the teeth it also prevents severe bleeding, and the use of Mesfova benefit from sores intestine and runny uterus and Nzvh. for the treatment of colds and runny nose uses drenched pomegranates in the nose at a rate of three drops three times a day. to increase the installed hair added boiled peel pomegranates to henna in order to install the color and prosperity of the coloring process. said Ibn Sina The rods pomegranate wonderful to expel vermin, as well as smoke tree. It was said that some of the birds made ​​nest of wood pomegranate no overtures vermin. Despite this Alfoid large pomegranate, however, there are cases should caution them of the pomegranate,,,,

*** Warning pomegranate:

these caveats and things important to anyone who uses cosmetics pomegranate (not the fruit) but peels, leg and flowers:
* should not be used peel the fruit of the pomegranate peel root pomegranate or leg pomegranate as well as the flowers in the event that the woman is pregnant or planning a pregnancy.
* If anyone has a chronic disease in the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach, intestines and colon must not use the peel fruit pomegranate or peel the root or stem or flowers.
* If you are making abusing laxatives or aspirin or recipes own cough or cold, antacids, vitamins or minerals or amino acids, you should not use peel the fruit of the pomegranate.
* Do not give children under the age of any of the herbal preparations . peel the root of the pomegranate contain toxic substances and therefore should not use the rinds only after consulting your doctor or a specialist to determine the doses.
* There are a limited class of people are sensitive to cosmetics pomegranate If Osabk severe diarrhea and you use any of the products pomegranate Voagaf use.
* also infected some individuals in something few specific cases of nausea or dizziness or weakness when using cosmetics pomegranate If I felt dizzy with nausea Voagaf treatment and contact your doctor immediately.

How to Eat Well and Feel Well for Thanksgiving and Christmas


How to Eat Well and Feel Well for Thanksgiving and Christmas

With all the parties and family gatherings, it's inevitable that temptations can arise this point of year. Your best bet to beat them is to arrange yourself for these bumps within the road. Here are ten tips to assist you avoid the vacation pitfalls:

Begin your day as any other day on the plan; don't skip meals to save lots of calories or carbohydrates.

Eat a protein-packed snack an hour before your vacation meal.

Don't think about the holidays as an excuse to gorge on unhealthy food. set up before to make certain there are choices out there that you just can enjoy.

Scan the spread before putt something on your plate. select it wisely!

Set an intention for the way you'd prefer to feel after the meal and hold yourself responsible by sharing with an in depth friend or loved one. Or write it in your journal.

Start the meal with a soup, fresh vegetables, or a salad, and avoid any refined flour pastries or sweet appetizers to prevent the cycle of desire.

Drink 2 glasses of water with lemon before the meal.

Plan an activity to appear forward to after the meal -- a group walk, visiting with other friends or family, a group game, or playing with younger members of the family. Or attempt offering to wash up and help your host!

Eat Mindfully:

• take five deep breaths before your meal.
• Sit next to somebody you genuinely notice fascinating and have interaction in pleasant speech communication.
• Appreciate the colours and smells of your food.
• Chew totally and slowly.
• put your fork down between bites.
• breathe through your nose whereas you eat.
• express feeling with others before the meal. Later that evening, write on your gratitude in your journal.
• Halfway through the meal, place fork down and pause. Take 3 deep breaths and assess your hunger on a scale of 1-10. raise yourself how much additional you need to eat order to steer away feeling energized and comfortable. Hint: typically, this can be around "6" or "7."
• shut your meal by saying one thing aloud concerning how delicious it absolutely was and others happy you're. Hearing yourself say this could facilitate signal to you et al. that you just are finished.
• Have a trustworthy friend or family facilitate hold you responsible to your goals.
• Begin and finish the day by spending it slow alone together with your thoughts. Journaling is a nice activity to assist ground your intentions for the day. Use your journal to line goals, express your thoughts and feelings concerning how the day went, and track what you eat, how much you exercised and the way your body felt.

Most significantly, take time to relish healthy, wholesome meals together with your friends and family and bear in mind that you just can heal your body and mind with every forkful of delicious food you enjoy.

I wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays .

Benefits of curd


Benefits of curd

Scientific studies confirm that the curd contributes to the regeneration lasting and dynamic fixed and the beauty of appearance and safety devices of diseases. Contain curd on the most important vitamins and lipid which are easy to digest. Knows yogurt made ​​from milk by adding yogurt or yeast lactic elected "milk curd," which is known as the "yoghurt" in the Turkish language for milk curd many benefits:
- Helps in systems thinness
- disinfectant of the stomach and intestines and prevents infections where
- destroys germs many within the digestive system
- prevents infection intestinal gases
- helps digestion
- resist poisoning
- According to the injured kidney disease and liver
- benefit patients with atherosclerosis
- a diuretic
- sends activity and strength in the body
- resists gravel
- laxative
- calms nerves
- fight insomnia
- softens the skin and makes it an attractive and bright
- eliminates odors in the mouth

Oil ring treated hair loss and skin wrinkles


Oil ring treated hair loss and skin wrinkles

Oils that address the problems of the hair and skin, and most important of these oils, which proved very good results in the treatment of hair loss, as well as some of the skin problems is the oil ring because of its strong effect on hair growth, and limits of baldness and hair loss and scaling, and is considered a good source of nicotinic acid and protein , and the latter is very necessary in order to restore hair growth, and the amount of protein in Circuit interpreted its ability to treat hair loss.
The oil contains the ring also on the amount of material 'Lecithin', which is considered as a natural moisturizer that can be mixed with castor oil when you massage the scalp to get better results.
It also operates oil ring to stimulate the flow of blood to the tissues, so the cosmetics oil ring operating on the protection of facial wrinkles and cheeks, and has a moisturizing effect to the skin, as it works to remove toxins from the skin because of its qualities, anti-inflammatory, and get rid of the free radicals that cause different skin diseases , and can be used with oil, basil oil ring to get rid of various skin problems, in addition to that there are some products that contain oil circuit used in skin care, knowing that it is best to avoid using it during pregnancy.

Stay away from those foods are causing serious damage to the kidneys


Stay away from those foods are causing serious damage to the kidneys

Is the total of the members are very important in the body that plays a major role; they are located below the rib cage on both sides of the spine, which is the size of a fist. , and according to the institutions of the national health, the overall filtering more than 200 a quart of blood every day, and feltr about forty gallons of waste products (waste) in the body to come out of the body in the form Paul.
 To maintain the safety and health of your kidneys, you get rid of toxins in your body and remove waste from it. Unfortunately detrimental to many foods and Pklitik was against working properly ..
Here are some of those foods harmful to try to avoid or reduce the quantity of
 meat -rich diets significantly protein animal can lead to serious damage to the kidneys, according to Mayo Clinic, Valojbat rich dramatically protein animal may cause big problems to kidney because the metabolism of proteins is developing carry a heavy load on the kidneys, making it difficult to exclude the waste products and waste.
At the 2003 study in the European Journal of Nutrition that diets rich in protein animal that can increase the risk of formation of kidney stones from uric acid, while reducing meals rich in vegetables of uric acid and prevent gallstone formation.
 considered uric acid from the most common causes are gallstones kidney, which is a byproduct of eating foods rich in Balbaorinat such as meat, seafood and fish, and can those foods also cause the formation of other types rumor of vesicles aggregate, vesicles calcium oxalate, because they increase the amount of calcium that is excreted in the urine .. How?.
leave the metabolism of proteins of animal remnants of acid in the body because the body prefers the situation alkaline, it pulls calcium and minerals other bones of the body in order to return the body to the situation alkaline, so can the calcium to be vesicles calcium oxalate in total. instead , Try to eat meals rich in various vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and you'll get all the protein needed by the body.
 salt your body needs a little sodium to keep the proper balance of fluids, but you can get the right amount by eating fruits and vegetables.
 been the use of a large amount of salt during the cooking of certain foods to improve the taste, and the most common type used salt is table salt.
When you eat a large amount of salt, respond to your college so by retaining water in order to compile those electricity (those dissolved electrolyte) into the bloodstream to maintain cardio work properly, and this puts a heavy burden on the kidneys.
according to a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, the absorption of a large amount of salt in the long term could be detrimental to kidney, heart and aorta, and may cause absorption of salt in raising blood pressure, which can be that cause damage to the nephrons kidney, which is responsible for filtering waste. if you want to add salt to food Vodafa only a handful of sea salt Celtic or Himalayan.
foods genetically improved contain a large proportion of foods that Nthoha components improved, including corn, rice, sugar cane, sugar beet and canola.
 considered seed genetically modified for several reasons, including increased resistance to pests, and to make the plant immune to pesticides, or to improve crop yields.
 considered company Monsanto and one of the largest makers of genetically modified seeds. In 2009, a study mammals on the three types of corn genetically engineered by Monsanto, study has shown negative effects on kidney function and liver of rats, have researchers concluded that the three tests that have been work created a state of hepatotoxicity (liver and kidney).
Unfortunately, the number of research that have been working to figure out long-term impact of the modified crops Genetically Ali rights are few in number and studies are poor at this time; because the food is genetically modified become a regular part of Western diets since 1995, when it introduced the Monsanto soybean seed GM, which was immune to herbicides.
 because we can not know the long-term impact of these products may We avoided the foundation. Look for organic products (Organic) and avoid sources of the components of the GM such as prepared foods and processed.
artificial sweeteners Many people believe they are doing something healthy for their bodies when their consumption of Artificial Sweeteners; Because these components are free of calories and when the search researchers about the impact of sweeteners artificial kidney function and found an increased chance of reduced kidney function with the absorption of two of diet soda during the day.
 carbonated beverages , soft drinks, such as soda (with artificial sweeteners or without) and energy drinks are linked composition of vesicles at the total, has explained the study, it has been shown that drinking two or More than cola during the day associated with an increased risk of kidney disease chronic. Instead, eat water with lemon organic.
dairy problem with dairy products similar to the problem of animal proteins, in fact, one study showed that the consumption of dairy products increases the excretion of calcium in the urine, which has been linked strongly increase the chance formation of vesicles in total. According to the Organization of children's health, the reducing dairy products can help people with kidney failure and kidney disease, they make the filtering process easier on the kidneys, and delayed the need for dialysis. instead of using dairy products, try Almond milk is local.
 caffeine found in coffee, tea, soda, and foods that can strain the kidneys; Because caffeine tonic it activates blood flow, increases blood pressure and stress of the whole. study has shown in 2002 that the consumption of caffeine in the long term lead to the aggravation of failure Chronic kidney of mice infected with obesity and diabetes, has been linked to the consumption of caffeine in the overall composition of the vesicles by increasing the excretion of calcium in the urine.

Secrets you do not know about castor oil


Secrets do not know about castor oil

Castor ((in English: Castor oil plant)) and whose scientific name (in Latin: Ricinus communis) are the seeds and leaves of castor plant which is very toxic. Plant tree follows the family Alfrbionah, leaves with five lobes in the form of palm and fruit contain tonsil painting engulfed in and out of Famous oil, castor seed and contains about 50% by weight Zeta, and this oil is used medically. Oil is non-toxic and attend the seeds that contain the ricin toxic and insoluble in water and does not dissolve in oil.
Castor oil and lemon juice
to the smoothness of castor oil and lemon juice to the smoothness of the legs: to lubricate the skin legs used castor oil and juice lemon to paint the soles and the bottom of the legs and Continue in Massage for a period ranging between 5-10 minutes. But hardness nails Grease your nails every evening before going to sleep with a layer of castor oil
to remove the black spots
used castor oil to massage the black spots in the body and are advised to massage the spot three times a day over 15 days
 castor oil useful and nourishing the hair
and helps to prolong the hair and use it on a daily basis of eyelashes increase the intensity.
castor oil to refine and polish the lips
 1 teaspoon castor oil.
9 teaspoons lanolin.
Preparation and Use:
Mix ingredients well, and kept in a bottle ... use a small amount of the mixture in the paint lips. care Balrmosh: Use castor oil in the paint eyelashes on a daily basis every evening where he works to increase the thickness and length of eyelashes

the magic drink to get rid of fat

the magic drink to get rid of fat

We have confirmed that most of the research conducted to Ginger sits on the list of adjuvants and the scorching of fat, as indicated by nutritionist and health amel Ansari that ginger is one of the most important materials that help and deserved to burn fat formed in the human body when consumed, especially after a meal directly.
Preferably blending material with cinnamon ginger to give better results when you burn fat better after meals .. well he can mix and blend ginger by mixing  sticks cinnamon or ginger in when blending a small amount of cinnamon powder with a solution of fresh ginger .. And hold snapped this mixture can be mixed with semi ensure burn fat easily immediately after eating. So with the passage of time will be burning fat that is stored in our body, and thus the body begins to gradually lose weight naturally without complications.
 Method syrup with cinnamon ginger:

- One teaspoon ginger, crushed.
- 2 tsp ground cinnamon.
 - White honey for dessert.
 - sliced ​​lemon.
 Dissolve cinnamon in a cup of water and put on the fire until it is boiling add the ginger and continue stirring and lifted from the fire and pour in a cup and sweetened with honey and add to it some lemon slices.

Cinnamon diet to lose weight 3 kg in week


Cinnamon diet to lose weight 3 kg in week

Here ma'am recipes diet cinnamon and honey to lose weight and melt fat in the body quickly and without effort to restore agility, and helps diet cinnamon and honey to lose weight 3Kilwograms per week per The recipe for ginger syrup with cinnamon Loss The mixture of ginger with cinnamon work force gorgeous in fat burning, and by drinking it after eating and this to get better results because burning fat is easy when you use anything to burn fat immediately after eating but I must continue, because with the passage of time is the burning of stored fat, and will you get to lose weight gradually in a natural way and without any complications.
components and the way drink ginger cinnamon slimming First, a national dissolving 2 hanging from the cinnamon soft (ground) in a glass of water on the fire, and when Laila water with cinnamon my guest to 1 teaspoon of ginger soft, stirring When completed, then my guest to him white honey for dessert and some lemon slices and then eat drink Described drink honey and cinnamon for Loss This recipe works to lose 3 kg per week and as we mentioned before that he must hold the recipes to give the desired result and must drink it regularly because it prevents the formation of fat and also this recipe cleanse the digestive system of parasites, fungi and bacteria.
way to prepare cinnamon and honey for weight loss: an urban spoon of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water, and Otercém in water for half an hour and when the water cools soaked in cinnamon nationalist adding 2 hanging of honey and then drink half the amount of the drink before going to sleep, and put the remaining of it in the fridge and drink it in the next morning on an empty stomach. Benefits of Cinnamon Benefits of Cinnamon it controls insulin levels and lower blood sugar levels, and this makes it the largest burn calories and this helps more to lose weight.

how to lose 10kg in a month


how to lose 10kg in a month

Soft drinks and fast foods more than the things that are working on the accumulation of fat within the body, particularly in the abdominal area. 

Dr. Maha offers camel professor of nutrition food are some tips that lead to the loss of 10 kg during the month provided to avoid soft drinks and prepared foods during this period.
First, we must begin to address the explosive mixture of fat which is a drink of ginger and mint before the start quarter of an hour in the food and beverage components as follows: 
Cup boiling water
one teaspoon ginger
one tablespoon green tea, mint leaves,

and these components are soak in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes and then eat drink.
Secondly, preferably by eating fruits and vegetables fresh between the main meals that are divided into 5 meals during the day to be the last meal before going to sleep at least two hours.

Dr. Maha confirms the need to walk for an hour a day and eat a cup of water 12 throughout the day.

Diet ginger way to reduce the weight magically without suffering Systems diet


Diet ginger way to reduce the weight magically without suffering Systems diet

m of increased body weight than usual, causing them in many situation embarrassing, so I wish to get rid of this excess weight, especially accumulated around the abdominal area, forcing them to visit specialists in the field of obesity and nutrition to guide them to a diet appropriate but without interest, as is the use of drugs that act on the promotion of a feeling of satiety unavailing

The secret quick fix to get rid of the problem of the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area provided to you in this article is to keep up your look attractive. Ginger The specialists treating obesity ginger is the secret magic to get rid of the accumulated fat in the body, especially around the abdominal area, studies have shown that medical ginger contain active ingredients help burn calories faster and reduce the feeling of hunger, help the ginger in the fight against the problems of the digestive tract usual such as nausea and dyspepsia, ginger and other health functions is to regulate the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Use ginger to get a leaner body - Eating ginger through uncut to small cubes and boiled or eaten in the form of tablets helps burn fat effectively, and to get the full result of a great nationalist add lemon juice to Allmazid of interest and to reduce the severity of the drink nationalist Pthalith spoon small honey bee, studies have shown that medical eating ginger on a daily basis and the amount of 4 grams working days to burn excess calories in the body, especially accumulated around the abdominal area. - You can use ginger oil to get rid of belly fat by fat abdominal area with oil, with a note to do movements Massage light in order to get rid of cellulite and liquids stored, and you can prepare ginger oil by adding a little bit of powder, ginger to the appropriate amount of olive oil in a pot, sealed for 3 days, so you'll get

Horseradish-Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Horseradish-Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Luxurious beef tenderloin shines when treated to a simple horseradish-mustard rub and roasted for a nicely seared and flavorful crust. Add 5 to 10 minutes to the roasting time for well done.

Makes: 8 servings

Active Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 pounds trimmed beef tenderloin, preferably center-cut
1 teaspoon kosher salt
2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper
Preheat oven to 400°F.
Combine horseradish, oil and mustard in a small bowl. Rub tenderloin with salt and pepper; coat with the horseradish mixture. Tie with kitchen string in 3 places. Transfer to a small roasting pan.
Roast until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the tenderloin registers 140°F for medium-rare, 35 to 45 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board; let rest for 5 minutes. Remove the string. Slice and serve with Creamy Horseradish Sauce.
Tips & Notes
Make Ahead Tip: Equipment: Kitchen string
Note: You'll need 2 pounds of trimmed tenderloin for this recipe. Ask your butcher to remove the extra fat, silver skin and the chain (a lumpy, fat-covered piece of meat that runs along the tenderloin). If you buy untrimmed tenderloin, start with about 2 1/2 pounds, then use a sharp knife to trim the silver skin, fat and chain.
Per serving: 220 calories; 11 g fat ( 5 g sat , 5 g mono ); 76 mg cholesterol; 3 g carbohydrates; 25 g protein; 1 g fiber; 334 mg sodium; 364 mg potassium.

Nutrition Bonus: Selenium (41% daily value), Zinc (31% dv).

Exchanges: 3 1/2 lean meat

Orange-Glazed Carrots

Orange-Glazed Carrots

Total Time : 35 min

  Prep : 10 min

 Cook : 25 min

Yield : 4servings
Level : Easy

Rich in vitamins C and A, this organic process powerhouse does not taste sort of a diet dish. The carrots absorb and become glazed with the buttery juice and dill adds a shocking recent note at the top. Ingredients

one pound carrots
one cup fresh orange juice
one tablespoon tasteless butter
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
one tablespoon picked fresh dill leaves


Cut a 1-inch chunk off one finish of a carrot at AN angle. Roll the carrot 1 / 4 flip ANd cut another 1-inch chunk at an angle. Continue rolling and cutting all of the carrots into 1-inch chunks. mix the carrots and fruit juice in a very massive pan. Add enough water to only cowl the carrots. Add the butter and 1/4 teaspoon every salt and pepper.
wake a boil, then scale back the warmth to take care of a gentle simmer. Cook, stirring sometimes, till the carrots square measure tender and also the liquid has reduced to a glaze, concerning twenty minutes. prime with the dill and serve.

Tomato & rocket bruschetta


Tomato & rocket bruschetta

To Prep  0:15 

To Cook 0:02




3 garlic cloves
4 vine-ripened tomatoes,seeds removed, chopped
2 tbs chopped basil leaves
1/4 cup (60ml) extra virgin olive oil,plus extra to drizzle
4 slices of ciabatta or other Italian woodfired bread
1 cup wild rocket leaves
Balsamic vinegar, to drizzle
Shaved parmesan, to serve

Step 1

Finely chop 2 of the garlic cloves, then place in a bowl with the chopped tomatoes and basil. Stir in 2 tablespoons of the oil, season well, then set aside.
Step 2

Brush bread on both sides with the remaining 1 tablespoon of oil. Heat a chargrill pan over high heat, then grill bread for 1 minute each side until charred. Halve remaining garlic clove, then rub one side of the bread with the cut side of the garlic.
Step 3

When ready to serve the bruschetta, pile the tomato mixture on top of the grilled bread. Top with rocket, drizzle with extra oil and balsamic vinegar, and garnish with parmesan.

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