Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Study .. Kiwi fights depression and physical exhaustion

Study .. Kiwi fights depression and physical exhaustion


New Zealand study revealed that eating kiwi fruit saves man from depression and relieve the suffering of physical exhaustion , Lima contents of vitamin "C" and antioxidants .
According to the site , " 24", The study was published in the newspaper " Times of India " was conducted on more than 54 people who are not accustomed to eating large amounts of vegetables and fruit , and the results showed that those who are accustomed to eating kiwi fruits felt better in easing bouts of depression and fatigue
The study attributed the reason for tying Kiwi combating depression it contains vitamin " c " , which activates enzymes that will enhance the mechanism of action of the body's metabolism , which leads to the granting of rights more energy to combat fatigue .

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