8 information about chicken you weren't aware of

8 information about chicken you weren't aware of

8 information about chicken you weren't aware of 

1 . The chicken is an excellent source of protein . Protein has many functions in the human body , is the building and strengthening the muscles , bones , internal organs , enzymes , hormones , substances responsible for the body's immune and so important for hair ... this Eating chicken is important for all ages , and especially in the period of growth , in childhood and adolescence.
 2 . Chickens contain 20 % protein .
3 . Chicken contains a high proportion of iron. No source of iron better than chicken . Iron is important to build a device bloody . A decrease in the proportion of iron leads to anemia which symptoms : fatigue , head aches , hair loss , dizziness and lack of concentration.
4 . The risks of a vegetarian eating is the only incidence of anemia due to lack of iron .
5 . Chickens also contains many vitamins , including Alripovlaben , nicotinic acid important for the metabolism of the body, for the production of lipids , carbohydrates , proteins , for energy production , the process of cell respiration and etc. ..
 6 . Compound last and important , is only present in animal food , from including chicken , is vitamin B12. This vitamin is very important for the nervous system work properly , for the production of DNA ( genetic material ) , and the production of red blood cells. The lack of Vitamin B12 leads to anemia . Until the beginning of the 20th century was considered the cause of anemia and death of large numbers of the population , especially in third world countries because of poverty and famine , because of their unwillingness to eat meat, because they are vegetarians .
 7 . Cooked meat and poultry leads to a change in the building of the protein , leading to improvement in the quality of protein absorbed. During the cooking there is a decrease in water chicken . For this , the benefits of the chicken after cooking is greater than its benefits before cooking .
 8 . Contain chicken fat . Vary the amount of fat from one part to part in the chicken . In order to reduce the consumption of fat preferably removed the skin and all visible fat . After cooking the chicken fat in less than chicken .

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