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The Risks Of FastFood

The Risks Of FastFood

The fast food industry has included every chemical possible they can legally get-away with to addict people to their food. In reality, if you eat junk food and you quit eating it, you actually go through withdrawal symptoms. It's such as for instance a drug. Not only that, the additives are so saturated in these fast-food burgers these days that the item does not even stop working. Junk food is linked within the increase in obesity in both adults and kids. Obesity has now reached epidemic proportions in our country, specially in children. Here are some startling statistics to consider:

65% of American adults are obese
30% of Americans are fat

At the time of September 2004, seven million American kiddies between the ages of six and eighteen were overweight. Within the last few 20 years, the charge of obesity has doubled in children and tripled in teens and adolescents. In line with the American Obesity Association, 127 million Americans are over weight, 60 million Americans are obese, and 9 million are 'morbidly obese': they weigh 100 pounds more than they should.


A KILLER Obesity-related illnesses can destroy around 400,000 Americans this year--almost just like smoking.
Related illnesses caused by obesity:
High cholesterol
Heart disease
Chest Cancer
Colon cancer

In 2003, The Middle for Infection Get a handle on and Prevention reported that certain out of three children born in The Us in the year 2000 will develop diabetes. Diabetes can lead to heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage in the calves which may end in amputation (82,000 of the cases occur each year). Diabetes is currently the sixth-highest cause of death in America.

Junk Food is Everywhere
The rise of the junk food industry plays a critical role in why our country is plagued with obesity.
There are 31,000 McDonald's worldwide- almost 14,000 of them are within the U.S.
Fast Food Restaurants Offer More Items like The Super Size foods, The Big Gulp, and Whopper pack in a massive number of calories, sugars, and fats.Let us take a closer look:
The Double Gulp soda at your neighborhood 7-11 holds 64 ounces of soda - that is fifty per cent of a gallon! Based on one nutritionist, your average junk food meal is a lot more like three meals. Not only is fast food every where, but fast food businesses encourage the buyer to consume more by supplying over-sized burgers, extra-large amounts for chips, and buckets of soft drink.
Folks are Eating plenty of Fast Food Fast food is now easier and cheaper to buy.

In 2004, Americans used $124 million dollars on junk food. That same year, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a report showing that the proportion of take out calories in the American diet has increased from 3 percent to 12 percent over the last two decades.
Fast food culture was introduced to other countries around the world in the 1980's. Take Out is not Good For Us We're eating more food that is not nutritionally beneficial. We're unhappy after we eat it, since fast-food lacks nutritional elements. That makes us eager for more immediately after. Why kids have reached a significant threat Our children are exposed to a barrage of advertising for fast-food. Fast-food chains save money then $3 million each year on television advertising. They intentionally campaign to kiddies so they become life-long customers. These are referred to as cradle-grave advertising strategies.
Researchers are finding that young ones can often recognize a company logo, just like the Golden Arches, before they can recognize their own name. In one single year, the typical American child watches more that 40,000 TV commercials. Around 20,000 of these advertisements are for junk food: fast-food, soda, chocolate, and breakfast cereals. Which means that your youngster sees every five minutes to a processed foods ad if they are watching TV.
To further motivate kids to eat fast-food, companies like McDonald's have Happy Meals with free games. McDonald's gives away over 1.5 million games each year. To be able to combat these determined advertising strategies, educating our kids on healthy diet plan which can be simple, exciting, and taste good is important. By teaching our kids how hazardous junk food is and how to eat healthiest, they're empowered to make the correct choices. Take Out is filled up with chemicals and preservatives. Fast-food does not breakdown.

The reason being it's full of preservatives and chemicals. There is needless to say, the great movie out on YouTube called The Bionic Burger that shows this in a fun and informative way. The movie is based on a true story. He ordered a number of hamburgers, ate one and set the other in his coat pocket to have later. It looked exactly the same. He was absolutely amazed. He told his family and friends but no body believed him. Therefore he made a decision to start a burger museum to show to everyone else these cheeseburgers and hamburgers were literally indestructible. He began gathering burgers, one each year. By the fall of 2004, he'd amassed a serious collection:
'92 McDonald's Hamburger and Big Mac
'93 Pizza Master Burger
He held them on bookshelves in his living room in the great outdoors air.
These burgers look the same. They've all retained their shape, and color for over a decade! We added the bionic pizza museum to a new health event to demonstrate how fast food consists of low-quality ingredients, additives, dyes, and substances.
Hundreds and hundreds of people saw burgers that were between eleven and one years old. Adults and kiddies were shocked. When people see firsthand that fast food isn't food, it has a strong impact that could cause them to help make the right choice: the option to consume healthy, wholesome food as opposed to a cornucopia of substances, additives, fat, and salt. That video I just described is seen by 3 million people on YouTube. It's been converted in to 7 various languages, and presented on 50,000 sites.

You choose each day what you're planning to put into your system. Make your best option and put food in your system that is going to help you, not harm you. Food is meant to break down. Food is supposed to be the most biodegradable of products.
How is it possible these burgers haven't divided? Decayed? Become moldy?

My buddies Rebecca Gauthier and Len Foley were not sure. They thought perhaps there was an exaggeration, or it was not really true. It has enzymes that obviously break the food down when you put food in the human body. The ripening process of good fresh fruit, as an example, is an enzyme controlled process. And those enzymes will eventually, if that fruit's not eaten, cannibalize the fruit. And so the good fresh fruit will eat itself. Well, these burgers are not eating themselves. Because there are no present they're here twenty years later. These burgers are so packed with additives that they're like a sealant, as if they are permanently made, like you'd have a painting glazed over and framed and put on your wall. It is not food, it's another thing.
What that another thing is, we don't know, but I'm entirely impressed that people could survive eating it. They put it in their garage in the great outdoors air and left it there. Once a week they'd go out and 'check' on their burger. It'd smell the same and continue to appear. No animals, insects, or birds touched it. After one-year, they started to feature it in a number of health exhibits together with a few of Matt's burgers from his burger series.

At the time of April 2008, there has been no noted changes in the food's composition. Unless you trust in me, try it out on your own! Get commit a sale and buy a burger. The food isn't wearing down therefore it can't be natural. Now I have also seen the hamburger that is twenty years old, some that were fifteen, sixteen years old. it seems like we now have the technology to create the world's first bionic hamburger! I suggest if you are seriously interested in your wellbeing, you AVOID fast-food WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS! You will find a great number of healthier alternatives that will not simply satiate your cravings, but deliver the vitamins and nutrients the body needs for peak performance.

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