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healthy eating tip 9: Limit sugar and salt

healthy eating tip 9: Limit sugar and salt

You might find yourself naturally cutting back on foods that can get in the way of your healthy diet—sugar and salt,if you flourish in planning your diet around fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, full grains, lean protein, and great fats.


Sugar causes energy ups and downs and can add to health and weight problems. Usually you may not even be familiar with the quantity of sugar you’re eating each day. Large amounts of added sugar may be hidden in foods such as margarine, vegetables and canned soups, rice sauce, bread, instant mashed potatoes, icy dinners, take out, soy sauce, and ketchup.
Here are a few tips:
Avoid sugary drinks.
Try sparkling water with lemon or a splash of juice.

How sugar is hidden
on food labels Always check food labels vigilantly.
corn sweetener or corn syrup juice concentrates, such as for instance apple or pear maltodextrin (or dextrin)


The majority of us consume a lot of salt in our diet plans. Eating too much salt can bring about other health conditions and cause high blood pressure.
°Make an effort to reduce salt intake to 1,500 to 2,300 mg daily, the same of one teaspoon of salt.
°Be cautious when eating at restaurants. Many restaurant and take out meals are laden with salt.
°Choose fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables.
°avoid processed or pre-packaged foods.
°Reduce salty snacks such as potato chips, nuts, and pretzels.
°Choose low-salt or reduced-sodium products and services.
°Take to gradually reducing the salt in your daily diet to give your taste-buds time to adjust.

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