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Vitamins there source and what they are essential for


Vitamins there sources and what they are essential for 

Vitamin A                 

         Source                      Orange Fruits and Veggies ,Dark Green Veggies,                                           Milk

         Essential for               Eyes , Immune System ,Skin

Vitamin B6 

          source                      Beans,nuts,red meat,fish,eggs,spinach

          essential for              brain function ,nerve function,red cell production. 

Vitamin B12 

            Source                    Milks, Eggs,Poultry,Red Meat,Fish

            Essential for            Nerve function,red cell production. 

Vitamin C 

            Source                   Citrus Fruits,Berries,spinach,tomatoes 

            Essential for           Bones,Teeth,Skin

Vitamin D

           Source                    Sunlight,Egg Yolk,Milk
           Essential for             Bones,Calcium Absorption

Vitamin E

            Source                    Nuts,Vegetable Oils ,Grains,Green Veggies

            Essential for             Red blood cells , Protect Cell Damage

Folik Acid

            Source                    Fruits,Dark Green Veggies 
            Essential for            Cell Health,Hearth Disease 

Vitamin K 

            Source                     Egg yolks , Dark Green Veggies

            Essential for             Blood Clothing


            Source                     Grain,Dairy Products,Nuts,Poultry

            Essential for              Promotes conversion of food to energy


            Source                     Fish,Dark green veggies,Grains,Meat , Milk 

            Essential for              Energy,chemical process

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