Sunday, November 20, 2016


One of the best meals definitely presents guava. It is a plant that will help you to improve your overall health. In case you have or consume excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals your body will be a pump healthy.

In addition we are going to present several reasons why you must consume the guava all days.

1.assumes the immunity.
Your immune system will improve in the event that consume guava. Increase your immune system and will make you feel better. Keep you away from other diseases and will make you healthy and happy.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer
The guava is one of the finest ingredients that will help prevent other diseases and also will keep you away from the disease of cancer.

3.Heart Benefits
With heart disease remains the number one killer of American adults, it is important to do everything possible to protect their health. Thanks to the nutrients found in guava and the sheet of guava, this delectable fruit can protect your heart of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Recent research indicates that the guava has an effect hypoglycemic natural

Your skin down outside, making it wrinkle and aging more quickly. You can keep young and smooth with the guava, due in part to the antioxidants that has.

4.Treats Diarrhea
In case you have a lot of bacteria in your body will have diarrhea. In the event that consume the plant of guava removes the diarrhea and will not pass the day hanging with bathroom.

And also you need to drink a lot of water because you may be dehydrated.

5.Boosts thyroid function
You need to eat guava to make your thyroid function correctly.

6.maximizes the brain function
The plant of guava has good properties that will help to stimulate the brain function. In the event of you see the guava in the market that is going to grab and buy one

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