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Eating cheese could be the key to a healthy heart, as scientists discovered

Eating cheese could be the key to a healthy heart, as scientists discovered

Eating cheese could be the key to a healthy heart, as scientists discovered

Nutritionists tell us often health benefits of cutting dairy foods, but scientists may have discovered a practical reason for you to keep the cheese in your diet.

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, cheese could actually be good for the heart.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark asked 139 adults to participate in a test eating cheese that took place over a period of 12 weeks.

Participants were divided into three groups; the first were asked to eat 80 g of regular cheese high in fat every day. The second consumes the same amount of cheese, but not low-fat varieties were provided.
The third group refrained from eating cheese at all, supplementing its 80 g carbohydrate dairy products instead.

Surprisingly, researchers found that those who nibbled high-fat cheeses each day had no change in their LDL cholesterol levels, insulin, triglycerides or blood sugar.
They also reported no change in their blood pressure and waist circumference.

But the news is better for cheese lovers, as consumers of high-fat also positive changes to their health occurred - your levels of good cholesterol HDL has increased, and researchers even concluded that eating all what the cheese had given them protection against both cardiovascular and metabolic disease.
This is not the first time the cheese has been shown to have health benefits. Recent studies have shown that it can help balance your intestinal flora, up your protein intake and reduce yeast counts that cause cavities in the mouth.

The news also comes after it was reported that eating cheese can trigger the same the same part of the brain as hard drugs - so it is no wonder we're all hooked.

Of course, the cheese contains high amounts of sodium and saturated fat - what scientists suggest that enjoyed in moderation.

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