Friday, November 14, 2014

Coffee becomes a cause of death in this way

Coffee becomes a cause of death in this way

"Daily Mail" published a British medical report is one of the most dangerous of all, where refers to  roasted  coffee that contain  over 1000 chemical substance , including 19 carcinogen at least.

This, according to the report, leads to raise the chances of cancer is one of the most dangerous killer diseases at all.

The American Cancer Society also pointed out that the coffee roaster contain carcinogens acrylamide, which is formed during coffee roasting inside the factory designated for that purpose, and not inside the house during the preparation or restaurants.
American Society confirms that there are no protective devices can be followed to reduce the risk of coffee.

It is noteworthy that another study published in the newspaper "Daily Mail" also suggests that eating hot tea, which increases its temperature about 65 C, raises the chances of developing esophageal cancer doubled, which is something very serious, especially the tea of the most popular drinks on the level the world, and are often eaten hot.

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